Best Laptops For Students Under 500 reviews 2019

Best Laptops For Students Under 500 in 2020 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Laptops For Students Under 500 reviews 2019 essentialsOur pick for the best Laptops for Students under 500 would cover your need according to budget and study requirements.

Are you a student? Then a laptop must be a requisite for you because you can’t just roam around with the best PC all the time. Right? Why? because their enormous size won’t let you do that. But wait; being a student how can you afford a laptop? Let me give you short advice. Don’t go for the big names that fool you around with their million-dollar campaigns and those that let you spend more than 1000 dollars to buy a standard notebook or laptop.

Whenever we ask students what kind of laptop they want, we get one answer i.e. we want a best cheap laptop that can perform well with all the specifications and features that are necessary to fulfill their requirements. But here another question arises that how can we get everything in one package and that too in less than 500 dollars?

We know that being a student you cannot easily save money to buy a laptop. But we have some of the best cheap laptops on our list that might not have the best processors or graphics but definitely, they’ll help get your assignments done on time while saving your money. These laptops are not limited to only Windows 10, instead, there are some best of the Chromebooks as well that you can find in the best buy students deals.

Being in a world full of technology, you can’t keep yourself safe from the daily stressful situations in your studies. To lower your stress that might arise while buying a laptop, we have collected some of the best budget-friendly laptops for you. Let’s dive in to look at these laptops and their features.

Best Laptops For Students Under 500 2020 Reviews

Here is a list of all the reviewed best laptops for the students under 500 to make the choice more convenient. However, we always recommend reading the full review to have good know-how before making any decision.

1. Acer Aspire E15 Review


Acer Aspire E15 best laptops for students under 500So here we are with our first best laptop for a college student that is Acer Aspire E15. The latest Aspire E Series by Acer is becoming a great choice for everyday users. With an appealing design and marvelous features, this series is on top. The Acer Aspire E15 is known to be a budget-friendly powerhouse. Everyday users might be willing to overlook the fact. The fact about this laptop, it is heavy with a normal display because of its low price. There are some people, who are gaming freaks. And they want to have some high-performance applications in the laptop, then they should go for its costly rivals.


Let’s look at the design of the Acer Aspire E15 laptop. If we look at the size of this laptop, we can see its dimensions as 15.02×10.2×1.19 inches. The weight is about 5.27 pounds excluding its power brick. Although this laptop seems to be heavy. But due to its design and its evenly distributed weight, it becomes easy to carry around. The design is in the form of an old-school pattern due to the inches that it carries. But we cannot ignore its ergonomics which are quite good. In laptops comparison, if you see Acer Aspire E5-575G or many others in E series have a close resemblance in design and looks.

The look of this laptop is completely identical to last year’s design which was E5-575-33BM. This time Acer worked more on its specifications than the design. So you can say that the cost is less and the product is big.

In the manufacture of this laptop, the company has used a high-quality plastic which is known to be polycarbonate. Acer has used an inscribed lid which is used to give it a more professional and stylish look. As this laptop is pocket-friendly, so some flaws can be ignored like screen and keyboard flex.

Talking about the port arrangement on the gadget, you get a DVD drive, a charging port, a USB port, and a sound jack lined up with the correct edge of the gadget. On the left edge, you get a few USB ports, an HDMI port, and a LAN port, perfectly recessed.

Let’s talk about the screen size of Acer Aspire E15

The Acer Aspire E15 display comes in 15.6 HD display. The last year’s model and this year’s Acer Aspire E15 come with almost the same pros and cons. The laptop has quite a decent color certainty but the brightness level is found to be quite low which is around 175 nits.

Now I will dive in the Acer Aspire E15 hardware

Acer Aspire comes with the latest specifications and its low price is a cherry on top. The laptop contains the 8th generation Intel core dual-core processor.

What’s more?

With the latest processor, the laptop has 6GB RAM which can be upgraded to 32GB. If we talk about its storage, then this laptop has a 5400 RPM 1TB hard drive. If the laptop slows down due to its storage then it can be easily removed and replaced with an SSD card. Furthermore, it’s not just the best laptop under 500 by name but its performance in different activities like photoshopping, using the best tool to track your email with it if you’re a marketing expert, video editing, using many tabs on the chrome at the same time is the best.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Acer Aspire E15

  • The biggest advantage of this laptop is that it is known to be one of the best laptops for students due to be pocket-friendly.
  • In a very low price, you will get a very high-performance powerhouse.
  • It has a full HD resolution.
  • The laptop has a tremendous battery life lasting for almost 7-8 hours during continuous usage.
  • It has snappy keys on its keyboard which is quite impressive. These type of keys can be seen in its pricier mates as well.
  • It has a classic build quality that makes it the best.
  • It has a large RAM which is seen as a plus point, especially for students.
  • The first drawback that we see on this laptop is that it is quite thick and heavy. Due to its heaviness students find it difficult to carry around with themselves daily for their assignment purposes.
  • Another drawback that we see is in its security. It does not support Iris scanner which is a huge lack in this laptop. The laptop becomes less secure due to the lack of this feature.
  • The display is dim and dull.
  • The keyboard is lacking the backlights that make it dull.

2. ASUS VivoBook F510UA FHD Laptop


ASUS VivoBook F510UA FHD best laptops for students under 500The other laptop to buy from the best college deals is ASUS VivoBook.  After the series of Dell XPS and Lenovo Yoga, ASUS launched VivoBook F510UA as a contender to both these names and is also featured in best gaming laptops under $500. VivoBook is a very sophisticated and lacquered laptop. The style, design, and structure give an intense battle to its rivals. But the best part is that this laptop offers many features but one peculiarity that makes it unique is its low price. Competition is hard but the price is the biggest factor that makes this laptop stands out from its competitors. You can get so much in so less amount.

Design and Build

When we talk about this Vivobook, we can see that this design of F510UA is the refreshed or upgraded version of its predecessor. This time ASUS initiated a trend and launched their laptops as more thin, sleek and stylish. The best part of ASUS is that they have reduced their prices. This laptop weighs only 3.7 pounds and it can be easily kept in any backpack.  The size of this laptop is about 14.2×9.6×0.8 inches.

The laptop comes in a glittering grey color with a metal body. The laptop is thicker at the edges and gradually it starts to get sleek and thin. Externally the design of this VivoBook seems to be inspired by Apple’s MacBook Air. It looks mostly like its predecessor. If you look at its keyboard, trackpad, and ports you will see the similar touch of its previous generation.

ASUS VivoBook Display

ASUS VivoBook has a 15.6-inch IPS display. The LED is backlighted for producing crisp and bright images.  As far as the resolution is concerned, it comes with 1920×1080 pixel resolution. You will notice different display modes like normal, manual, eye-care and vivid. These modes can be set and enabled according to your choice. Brightness, sharpness, hue, and contrast are controlled by the built-in intelligent sensor that helps in displaying lively and vivid imagery.

A look at Asus Vivobook’s hardware

Under the cover, you will get the latest and most advanced processor that is Intel Core i5-8250U. The processor that you will get by default is 1.6GHz but don’t worry, in its turbo mode, it can be increased up to 3.4GHz.

What’s more?

Applications and your multitasking are covered by 8GB of DDR4 RAM. Talking about its storage, the laptop is supported by 1TB of HDD. But in future, we hope that it comes with SSD storage for better support and if it comes out with SSD then definitely it will be the best blend for a laptop under $500.

Over time, if you want to upgrade the RAM then it can be easily upgradable up to 16GB.

Here we are with some Pros and Cons of ASUS VivoBook

  • The design is quite sleek and stylish.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • It is budget-friendly with all the incredible features and specs.
  • The CPU of VivoBook is always up-to-date.
  • It comes with the latest i5 core CPU.
  • The display is backlit and the touchpad is good.

  • ASUS VivoBook lacks keyboard backlight.
  • The key presses are too hard to press which might not be healthy for certain people.
  • The USB ports are too hard to plug in and unplug.
  • Due to HDD, the laptop starts lagging sometimes.
  • The major drawback that you will see in this laptop is its battery. The battery life is only about 4 hours.
  • The build-up quality of this laptop is not so high.
  • There was no SSD seen in the testing.
  • ASUS VivoBook does not support touch feature which is very common and essential these days.

3. Acer Flagship Chromebook Review


Acer Flagship chromebook best laptops for students under 500A Chromebook is a laptop that comes from a different breed. You must have seen Chromebooks with 13 inches display. But have you ever seen a Chromebook more than 13 inches? If not, then Acer has one for you. The new Chromebook with a 15 inches large display was launched by Acer.

This laptop is known to be a certified refurbished product. The process of refurbishing includes some tests for functionality, inspection, repackaging and some basic cleaning procedures. It is a Chromebook with massive space and a durable frame of Aluminum. The screen is sharp but it is dim and boring too. If you are getting a 15 inches display with full-day battery and all these things you are getting just under 500, then it is a fine deal.

Acer Flagship Chromebook Design

Look at the design. This Acer Chromebook looks big because it is BIG in real. The reason behind its size is that it was meant for streaming videos and watching pictures on a big screen. This powerhouse is made up of silver metal. On the upper side of this metal slab, you can see the mirror-finished Acer logo. When you will open the lid, you will see a 15.6 inches display. You can see speakers on the metal deck on both sides of the keyboard.

Most of the Chromebooks have 11 or 12 inches display screen but this Chromebook 15 is different from the others. The weight of this machine is 3.7 pounds which is more than other available Chromebooks in the market like Samsung Chromebook Pro which weighs around 2.4 pounds.

As the purpose of these Chromebooks is mostly streaming or web browsing so you will not find a lot of ports in it. Both of the sides has only USB Type C ports and a USB 3.0 port.

Acer Flagship Chromebook Display

If you talk about the Chromebook display, you will feel a bit disappointed. Acer Chromebook screen is quite dim which is a major drawback in this laptop. Although this laptop was launched for mostly the purpose of streaming and browsing there is nothing extraordinary that you can see in its display screen. Apart from this, the size of the display is big which you can find rare in other Chromebooks. It has a 1080p screen but it does not seem to be very bright or colorful.

How does it perform?

Let’s have a look at its performance. The Acer Chromebook comes with a quad-core Intel Pentium N4200 CPU. It has 4GB RAM and also features internal 32GB flash storage. It will be enough if you are doing some tasks like web browsing, word processing or video streaming.

 What’s more in it?

Another great thing about this Chromebook is its battery. When it was tested on Laptop Mag Battery Test 2.0, it lasted for almost 9hours and 7 minutes with continuous web browsing, video streaming.

Another attribute that we found in this Chromebook was its touchscreen. Mostly, all the android apps are designed to use with touch feature. But with this Chromebook, you can use a mouse and keyboard too.

The Chromebook supports Chrome OS and it supports applications from Google play store which helps in broadening the functionality of this Chromebook.

Some of the Good and some of the bad

  • It comes with a 15.6 inches display.
  • The battery life of this powerhouse is great. It lasts for almost a day as well.
  • It has a dual-band 802.11 ac wireless.
  • Another plus point is that it has a backlit keyboard, loudspeakers and a touchscreen.
  • The CPU is low-end that hinders the performance of this laptop.
  • The biggest drawback to being considered in this laptop is its display. The display screen is very dim.

4. ASUS Chromebook C202S Review


Asus Chromebook C202S best laptops for students under 500Whenever you hand over a laptop to your child, you won’t be expecting that they will keep the machine safe. Unexpectedly they might drop it and then it will be you who would have to pay the cost. Not every laptop survives in such situations. You don’t have to face these kinds of situations anymore because ASUS launched a Chromebook that is safe with kids because it can bear some bruises and bumps.

Asus Chromebook C202S is one of the cheap laptops specially designed for students and kids. Because of its rugged construction, it can be easily used in schools and can be shared among friends regardless of the fear that it can drop or anything can spill on it. Apart from its durable and rough and tough body, it has an incredible keyboard. Its battery lasts for about 8 hours that make it a priority for the elementary students.

ASUS Chromebook C202S design

With the kids around, you cannot ignore the accidents from happening. So for this purpose, ASUS made the design of this Chromebook C202S more durable and long-lasting. There is molding around its four corners. The molding is rubberized to prevent it from bruises. It contains a weight of 2.65 pounds which makes it lightweight to carry around. The main chassis is in plastic texture and is grey. You can see two rubber grips on the bottom of the laptop to keep it safe despite the slips. These rubber grips help in gripping.

Asus guarantees that it can resist a drop of about 3.9 feet. It is water-resistant and its keyboard is tolerant to the spill of 66cc that makes it more than a quarter cup of any liquid.

ASUS Chromebook C202S display

This durable Chromebook comes with 11.6 inches display. It has a resolution of about 1366×768. It features an anti-glare coating which works when you are working outdoors or in a high lit environment. The display screen has crisp in it but it’s not sharp. And you cannot expect a variety of colors.

A feature that is lacking in this Chromebook is a touchscreen. Most of the other Chromebooks features this attribute but it is, unfortunately, missing in this model.

How well does it perform?

It comes with a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3060 processor for fast performance. With a 4GB RAM, you cannot say that this is a strong powerhouse regarding its performance. With this RAM, you can only write book reports. You cannot do multitasking on this laptop as it starts to lag.

What’s more in it?

As many other Chromebooks, Asus C202S supports Chrome OS which is known to be browser-based. For frequent users of Google Chrome, this Chromebook will not be difficult to use. It doesn’t come with software; instead, it contains Google’s apps.  Certain preinstalled apps include Google Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, PlayBook and Drive.

Let’s dive in the Good and the Bad

  • The first thing that you will love about this laptop is its durability. In such a budgeted price, you can never get a long- lasting laptop.
  • It is easy to repair.
  • The battery life is excellent.
  • With the help of the Google Play Store, you can access many apps, music, games, and movies.
  • For offline access, Chromebook has built-in storage for accessing your important files.
  • It has a 100GB Google Drive space that ensures the backup of your files automatically.
  • The biggest drawback seen in this machine is the lack of a touchscreen.
  • You cannot do multitasking on it.
  • It becomes sluggish if you will browse multiple tabs on it.
  • The display screen is not so sharp.
  • There is no variety of colors on the display screen.
  • It is a bit heavier than its competitors.

5. Samsung Chromebook Series 3 Review


Samsung Chromebook series 3 best laptops for students under 500If you are a traveler and you want to take your laptop with you, then Samsung Chromebook Series 3 is the right choice for you. It’s a great option for entertainment, school, for travelers and younger kids. This incredible powerhouse contains 11.6 inches display. The performance is quite strong. It has a 4GB memory with almost 10 hours of battery life.

This Chromebook is for the fan of Chrome OS users. It has 32 GB storage which is not occupied by Windows 10, so you will find plenty of space for storing your files.

Samsung Chromebook Design

The body is made up of plastic but it is surprisingly in good quality. The body is in “metallic black” that looks quite classy and stylish for any setting. The frame has a smooth palm rest and a rounded lip so that you can work easily for hours without tiring your wrists. Due to the glossy bezel, the display minimizes the reflections.

The screen can be tilted to 180 degrees due to the strong and flexible pivot. The keyboard doesn’t have any flexing which creates a problem. The size is so handy that you can easily tuck it under your arm. It is so tough and hardy that while traveling internationally you can easily keep it in your luggage.

There are ports around the laptop that you need. You can see a battery indicator on the left side that keeps you updated about your battery life. There is an AC adapter, HDMI port, SD card slot, and a USB 2.0 port. It weighs around 2.5 pounds that’s perfect for daily use. It is one of the practical Chromebook with a Chrome OS.

Samsung Chromebook Display

The exceptional feature that you can see in this Chromebook is its tremendous display screen. It has a 1366 x 768 bright LED display. If you compare the brightness of this Chromebook, you can easily see that it has the brightest display screen than its competitors. If you want to see the screen from any other angle or if from 45 degrees, you will still be able to see all the colors.

The screen delivers colors that look very realistic and detailed. Due to its colors, this Chromebook is on top of its competitors.

How well does it perform?

It is powered with 1.6GHz Intel Celeron N3060 processor. You would love to hear that it contains about 4GB RAM. It has 32GB eMMc storage. It performs in the same way that you require for web surfing and word processing.  You can easily open 10 tabs together and will not notice anything slow in it.

No lagging was seen while watching a 1080p movie on it. It still worked at the same speed.

What’s more in it?

If you talk about its system and storage, you will get to know that it works on Chrome OS which does not require much space and the 32GB space is still free for other usages. With this space, you will easily be able to download all the latest updates of OS.

If you will notice the battery, you will see that it has a battery that lasts for 9 hours on a full day charge. All this happens with continuous web surfing and with Wi-Fi.

The Good and the Bad

  • This Chromebook is the best among its competitors.
  • It has a bright and incredible resolution and display.
  • This Chromebook has a strong and long-lasting battery life.
  • Samsung Chromebook is a powerful machine that has a strong performance.
  • The webcam is quite fun.
  • The audio of this Chromebook is versatile and it is enough to fill a room with the sound.
  • The keyboard is spill resistant.
  • The biggest drawback in this machine is that its bottom starts to get warm.
  • The speakers are a bit muddy.
  • The button layout is not so impressive.

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