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Fly Drone | A Quick Guide To Learn

Well guys, I am posting an essential guide to learn how to fly drone. This guide is purely for beginners who wants to learn the maneuver to fly drone. Five basic flying techniques every pilot should know before starting fly drone.

How to fly drone?

This is a question that is need to be answered in this tech age and really important to be answered. Well today I got time to answer this question and I would like to start it form the basic. From the basic I mean that I want to tell the initial five basic fly techniques and it is purely for beginners to learn how to fly drone.

Here you go guys, a five steps quick guide to develop the understanding about drones. Let’s start with the learning. First thing we need a drone for flying. I would suggest the beginners a cheap and small toy drone to save your money during learning process. Why I recommend this? Because if you are learning and have an expansive drone and you got some mishap or accident it would cause you losses. So avoiding losses you need to learn with a cheap drone which cost you low. These cheap drones are same like the expansive one and supper easy to fly. When you master in flying the cheap drones then you can rock on the expansive drones or drone camera to make drone videos or drone photography.

Here are the five things you need to learn.

  • Takeoff and landing technique of the drone. A lot of fellas have problems in taking off and landing a drone. In fact, taking off is a primary step in flying a drone.

You need to keep in mind the ground effects. You need to place your drone in a place where it has enough room to accommodate the air in a vacuum underneath it. The room will accommodate the blow of the drone when it starts and would give you a clean takeoff. If you do not provide enough accommodation room to the drone it might flip and you won’t be able to control it if you are learning a clean takeoff. So you need the note this and keep in your mind to takeoff and also landing with any bounce and imbalance.

On the remote control you have two main things in your hand to control your drone. One is the stick or Throttle which give you control on going up and down and the other one for turning left, right, forward and backward.

  • Master Hovering in one place. Fly and hold your drone in one place during flight for long time and keep it in your control.

If it is a breeze and disturbing your flight. Here I would use an example for understanding this technique. If the air is pushing your drone towards right you need to push it to the left and vice versa and same in the forward and backward cases during the flight. You can also rotate the drone through the rotating Throttle to keep it hovering and holding in one place in such cases.

The Forward, backward, left and right movement. You would have a stick/Throttle on the right side of the remote control to move the drone to push it forward, back, left and right and super easy to use it. It is a tip for you here, after takeoff you should push it a bit forward and then backward to the center then right and left, you need to make a big cross to have a clean and nice flight.

  • Spin your drone in a 360-degree circle. This step would enhance your skill to have a grip and control on your drone.
  • Headless mode an easy one but it is a cheating. If you played video games, you would remind cheats for upgrading or skipped some hardship. If you learn to fly your drone a hard way you would be a better pilot to fly a drone. Basically the hovering or yaw is the cheat mode of flying drone.
  • Fly full circle with the nose heading forward all the time. It means no rotation and movement of the drone during flight, it would master your skill a lot.

I am sharing an infographic for the beginners to understand the flying techniques in a five steps demonstration. If you like it, please copy the code below the infographic and paste it on your website.

how to fly drone

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