best parkour shoes bgessentials.comCool stuff is around guys. Here I am going to reveal some of the best parkour shoes for parkour training, casual and sports activities. Sports and outdoor stuff is awesome in this concrete age. Parkour shoes are made for parkour training and the guys who are in touch with sports would know this.

Mankind is civilized now and tends to develop recreational places, fitness clubs and activities for a healthy life and environment along with other developments. Sports is one of these sorts of creations. Without shoe sports and hanging around does not sound good.

The purpose of this post is to know the inside story of parkour shoes by reviewing it and a complete buyer guide with all information one should need to know about sneakers.

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Top 10 Best Parkour Shoes Reviews 2019

Extreme Parkour necessitates complete body power, stability, and flexibility- the gear that you use must reveal this notion. The section below provides complete research and reviews on the top 10 parkour shoes that are available online or otherwise.

A thorough analysis of a complete range of product has been done to facilitate the user who is looking for the shoes, just check the details required to match your needs.

List of top 10 best parkour Shoes 2019

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1. Vibram Men’s KSO Evo Cross | Training Shoe Polyester Fabric

Best Parkour Shoes

  • Vibram ®XS TREK is a mechanical complex that magnifies the potentials of overall performance, in precisely
  • elasticity and damp adhesive friction.
  • Extremely sensitive to the numerous needs, XS TREK it is equally good for tracking to be used as a sports shoe or even for indoor undertakings.
  • It gives prime stability of pull and stability at the same time being open on to the erratic ground. It is planned for constancy and comfort.

Let’s know it in detail..!

Most of the users are very positive towards Vibram Men’s KSO Evo Cross-Training Shoe Polyester Fabric. that is the reason Vibram’s this parkour shoes pair is included in the list of top 10 parkour shoes.

Those who have a problem with the flat foot have the views regarding these pairs of best parkour shoes that they have absolutely sensed the conversion even while performing a simple task or even just walking.

People with fat foot have told that going to the gym has become easy for them as they don’t permit barefoot so now these are the best parkour shoes and a must have for them.

As these shoes have the firm bottom grip they are so good and can be easily used in water.

People who have been using these for a couple of years now believe “that they are enhanced than other minimalist shoes, running shoes, and regular shoes. The next best thing I could think of is if Vibram had minimalist shoes using the same concepts without the toes and looking more, normal.”

2. Take Flight Ultra Parkour | Freerunning Shoe

The excellence

Best Parkour ShoesA shoe with stretchy rubber sole and light in weight provides the best platform to the beginners especially its top part is a combination of net and strong fabric that arches with your foot and suck in air at the same time providing the shield to the foot. The main reason on the top of the list of best parkour shoes reviews 2019

The American Parkour sneakers are in particular designed for the committed Parkour enthusiast be it one of your family member or you. They offer an excessive mixture of power and stability, enabling the wearer to give their best performance without any uncertainty.

It took the company two complete years to develop this shoe, it is claimed to be the best designed Parkour shoe till now. It loudly asserts and declares to deliver the excitement and pleasure on the first trial.

The Take Flight 1.0 has unbelievable padding, great changing over, and the best pull that is ever been provided or sensed on a Parkour or for that matter any brands multipurpose working out shoes.

The wearer will feel the pleasure and comfort the time of the first trial. This Take Flight 1.0 is actually somewhat exceptional. The company claims to own the product so much that they are ready to take them back if you don’t like it, a 100% no inquiries refund is offered. A nice experience I had with these shoes.

Reviewed for more clarity

The shoes are honestly remarkable exclaimed someone who has already tired

Many kinds of working out, running, cross fit shoes. He said that most of the shoes have their comforts and troubles. Conversely, take flight 1 has only one problem

It is seen the lowermost holding layer inclines to detach out when the shoe is being used frequently. This generally happens after 3-4 months of continuous usage.

The following qualities make them the most desirable, extreme cushioning; lightweight, overall elasticity, remarkable hold, very breathable, comfortable, strongly recommended for support wear, also for athletic and daily use.

There is some problem in size which can be solved either by trying them properly or you may get a size larger than the actual one.

3. Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 | Trail Running Shoes

The combination

Best Parkour ShoesThese shoes are created and planned explicitly for apex Parkour, it cartels comfort of padding along with litheness, flexibility, and control to contribute for the topmost point of accuracy!

The shoe features nettop and a detachable inner sole giving an extra option to the user they can alter the amount of cushioning. It has an underlying sole as well that will give support to the foot in any situation.

These are the best to choose from the minimalist designs of cool Parkour, its rubber sole is helpful in gripping and absorbing jolts so that a person can run longer interval of time more comfortable, you will be able to feel the ground underneath, it provides support against vibrating ankles and knees.

The jumping jacks

The Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoes are designed and suggested for accuracy jumps and handrails contributed by the effective gripping of the soles.

Those who are interested in high jumps or take big drops, the gentle type of sustenance and padding is required is truly provided by these shoes and that too very precisely. They are available in two different colors to match your taste.

Reviewed in depth to explore it

The shoe is a perfect example of a simple minimalist sense and sensitivity to them. Suitable for casual and gym wear. Introduction of some more colors which can add choices for the customers.

People who use them for even 16 hours said that were so comfortable even on the day one of the use.

Durability is a slight issue with these shoes; they are getting small whole if used regularly and constantly for running purposes, which makes them worthy of replacement a bit quickly, told a customer who was still happy with the performance of the shoe.

An important info I must share here!!

They appeared a little shapeless with the passage of time but despite the fact they lasted a little extended, he said she that the last pair she kept on wearing till they took holes in the soles. She is again looking forward to enjoying her current pair. I have run about 220 miles in my one pair and have worn no other footwear for the last five weeks. I have run a full marathon and a half marathon in this shoe. Another user said that he is been running regularly on the street and into less light track running. And even in the hot and humid weather, the shoes retain shape well.

He also reported the wearing off although starts a little early maybe let’s say in 5 days of continuous use a few changes have appeared. But the soles are even now in good condition.

A marathon runner and excessive user reported that even though he is been running a lot in the pair of these shoes and even using a mix of hot and damp streets and trails both but the comfort and ease provided by the shoe is unmatchable, he feel much relaxed and effortless running with them. Although extensive usage had made holes in the sides still the shoe is usable and working properly.

Best Parkour Shoes

The durable canvas material used in the making of evolve Cruzer Approach shoes make it easy to use with and without socks, the rubber sole is accompanied with remembrance foam inside the sole lining which has moisture soaking microfiber.

These shoes are intended to provide comfort and style with ease. They also give you an option to either use the lace of the shoe on the upper side or you may slide it on by hiding in the heel. It provides dual possibilities.

If the requirement is hanging the shoes to a harness or backpack you may clip them with a heel pull tab provided to keep the shoes safe when they are not being used.

In running they are slender, which can be a drawback and definitely not too suitable for people with wide feet. They are available in quite a few color combinations which make them more appealing.

Reviewed in detail for know it more!

The shoes are Comfortable, attractively manufactured. They can use them with or without socks; they feel a lot relaxed even without a sock. The fencing makes one feel at ease without socks, can get the status of most wanted stuff in the shoe category.
An outstanding class of the material used makes the canvas is durable and of superior quality which can last for a few years with regular use.
Most customers are enjoying the back hoops are as they add up to a pleasant feature. The light weight of the shoe makes it easy to pack in any backpack. If preferred the heel reverses and bends down making it possible for using it as a slipper.

The Desirable Features!

The rubber toe jumbo is the greatest desirable feature, even though a bumper near heal would also be appreciated but really enjoying the crafty dual tongue design reported a customer.
Some complaints were also reported the heel of the shoe is slightly tapered. There should have been additional space below the heel for sideways movements and heel assaults. The shoe finishes stroppy in the back except if the heel is placed this biggest criticism of the shoe, according to a customer.

Some other friends have mentioned something important

there is not adequate breath-ability in these shoes. Assume that the feet will sweat in these shoes after even a slight excursion.
The performance of the shoe definitely goes down when they get wet; even they feel is very changed when wet. They become loose, like moist cardboard.

Evolv Men’s Cruzer Approach Shoe is dainty climbing shoes; therefore they provide a close fitting that feels slightly tight on the foot. Therefore it is advisable to order a size bigger than the original size. A half or one size up with giving you comfort if you want to wiggle around the roads.

5. KNOW OBSTACLE’sGen 3 | Parkour and free running shoes

Best Parkour Shoes

Know Obstacles designs shoes explicitly with Parkour, free running are designed while keeping sportspersons in consideration.

It is important to understand that these shoes are created after investigating the specific needs and fit to cater to such perplexing requirements.

Mix of Styles

The three different styles of shoes those are presently available with differences in padding, footstep, and toe box. The present line deals three levels of cushion, three levels of breathability, three diverse grips, and three different toe box sizes.

With all requirements, the company is proud to offer products for whether a beginner level or a professional level.  So no matter if you are a tracker, free runner, tracer, ninja warrior or a versatile instructor we offer something that fulfills your needs.

The best parkour shoes product is famous as GEN3 which is a modernized version of the classic styles. The design on the top is simple, toe box, and repairs cup rigidity of the best-selling Gen 2.

The Perfections

Two chief alarms from Gen2 critics.  The bulkiness of sole is removed excluding additional EVA that prolonged broader than the sole and the upper, causing in a new modern look that is not as much of a customary “running shoe”. Second, and most prominently, the old KO step is substituted with extra sturdy one that will not wear off as rapidly and spreads all the way from toe to heel.

6. PUMAGenMen’s Faas 500 V4 | Running Shoe

Best Parkour Shoes

The Faas 500 V4s from PUMA makes sure that you use all the lightweight equipment. These lightweight best parkour shoes are premeditated for running and working out with a bit of padding and an intertwined network on the top.

The strong padding is good to provide a person with extra backing and safety without so that you run without any fear of falling or slipping.

A 4mm heel-to-toe drop supports to place the thread regularly. A FAAS foam dampening middle sole tops an Ever track+ rubber outer sole.

These shoes are accessible in many colors even with touches of yellow for people who enjoy brightness. A protected toe, slender fit, and low outline benefit you to accomplish the unsurpassed as a replacement for facing any trouble in the stride.

Generally, this is a imperturbable contemporary shoe for a assortment of uses.

Best Parkour Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of cool Best Parkour shoes at an affordable price. There is no way we will let you down!

Coming in two colors and distinguished design, these Kung-Fu shoes are most suitable for the people who are into Chinese martial arts. These low prices canvas is good for Parkour customers.

The Material

A canvas material top with a cotton coating arranges for a breathable and flexible shoe. The vulcanized rubber midsole has a nitrile rubber outsole for strong and fall resistant grip.

The outsole spreads out all over the sides of the shoe to safeguard the feet and the material of the top. The material of the lower sole is kept thin enough so that it can provide a decent feel of the trail underneath you.

The simple style is not compromising on the area of padding, and the canvas material is going to expand a little with use forming a seamless frame in the area of each foot.

The look

They have that respectable look that you can wear them as daily wear best parkour shoes, they bid an inordinate blend of a budgeted, articulated design, and modish appearance an unadulterated example extreme Parkour.

Reviewed to Explore

The DOUBLESTAR MR sneakers provide decent clutch, many users said they have provided steady hold even when have been used in rain and damp places. Reported to be comfortable, offer a tight fit to the foot. Good value for money as they proved to be an excellent choice for gamers.

These shoes have a splendid appearance couple with a virtuous design, most suitable for people who like to have less weight on feet and still stay sheltered from the components and exceptional grip.

The nonstop usage will cause warning out speedily but at the given price it’s worth the money, in fact, extra, according to many customers.

8. Dreamcity Men’s Water Shoes | Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

Best Parkour Shoes

The shoes are designed as standard running shoes with the addition of open spaces in the sole for the passage of water an air through them. The outside area is formed by cloth-like fabric which styles like a sneaker while wearing them. The major shortcoming of this shoe is the cloth fabric used takes time to get dry. It doesn’t let the feet get dry as well. They become heavy while you swimming as well. These shoes are also recommended for a long time frame as they are lightweight.

Let’s see in depth this kind

The user got them for a fixed price, was of correct size so the problem of correct fit was not there. He found them extra lightweight and stretchy and far more relaxed compared to other sneakers he had. The spongy insoles they had been excellent to be used in water. They are easily usable in the pool, or on the beach, even in the sea water, you can expertly walk in them.

According to another user, they were sufficiently relaxed and comfortable even after wearing them for long hours in and out of the water with no grievances. They dried quite speedily. It is better to leave them out the door in sun after using.

They can be cleaned and washed quickly; the style and look of gym shoe with laces for extra style make them cool to look at. The bottommost sole has upright grip. the customer even puts them on for trivial mountain hiking, to the waterfall, horse riding, and jet-ski. Shoes lasted to the exploitation and sheltered the feet.

9. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 | Fashion Sneaker

Best Parkour Shoes

The Onitsuka Tiger ultimate 81 is the biggest selection of the mechanical runners since the 80’s; it still offers dual tone Eva midsole and elastic TPU heel to deal greater sustenance and cushioning. The improved steadiness in the shoe is formed by the transformed outer sole scheming, giving the runner with optimum traction and shock immersion.

Since long Onitsuka Tiger has created fashionable sports products stirred by the Japanese standards of workmanship and devotion to features. From side to side of the dexterities, Onitsuka Tiger carries alongside East and West, and establishes the notion of “Made of Japan.” more vivid.

Look in depth to know it more

A boy who is using and wearing these shoes for more than a decade says that the style has continually inspired him. He said for a person who is into a lot of walking they are best.

For people who are continuously walking for the whole day, these provide comfort and ease, while at the same time they are likely to break down somewhat faster.

The rubber on the heel and ball of the foot goes out quicker if use too much for the whole day, the fabric gets torn and the toes pop out for sure. This makes them a little pricey.

Another customer exclaimed that he is been using his favorite brand for the past 15 years or completely, he said it made him a little worried about receiving the Onitsuka Tiger ultimate 81.

The reviews persuade me too much he said which made him try them. The shoes appear pronounced, the texture is eccentric, but the sole came out too quickly. Apart from durability shoe is the really good choice for anyone looking for state of art Japanese technology.

Best Parkour Shoes

Some of us are not comfortable tying and untying those laces all the time if want to stay hassle free. The Vivobarefoot Motus Cross Fit shoe structures a Velcro strap in place of the laces, to keep your irritation free and saving you the trouble of stopping and retying those lose laces ever now and then.

The shoe is ideal for people with broad feet as it has extra wide sole are so you are saved from the discomfort of tightening from the front.

In this shoe as well net material is used this is breathable and stretchable. The rubber soles are strong, non-marking with a toe guard that offers adhesion without feeling rigid. The flat-fit sole is perfect for shoeless running. The rubber sole spreads up the inside arch for improved arch care.

Multiple colors are available to suit the choice. The Velcro belt is very helpful in supporting the shoe’s fitting in the area of the arch of the foot to ensure the shoes fit more easily and steadily when it is being used by the wearer. The pebbled sole also contributes a really fast grip does matter the way you stop.

In-Depth View of these beautiful best parkour shoes

People think that the new versions are improved and more comfortable. The previous edition had a criticism of being less durable while these new ones seem to be more durable.

The new ones appear to be superiorly manufactured. The texture is also improved; they are suitable for numerous mechanical foot grounds as well. For instance, martial arts rehearsal and executing chore required a lot of body weight ever-changing, these are altered than regular sneakers.

Helpful in continuous movement work, provide a platform and keep the foot centrally on the higher level making the movement easy and faster with cushioning and the design also permits the foot to spool from sole to sides. The land can be felt as they are lightweight which supports the smoothness as well as the aid route. They are breathable making foot swing in all directions without getting slipped.

It is recommended for people looking for something in the budget which can perform multi-tasks and still remain intact.

Best Parkour Shoes 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Know Obstacles Precision Parkour and Freerunning Shoes

With so many Parkour shoes available for sale How to select a good men sport or outdoor shoes or simply the best parkour shoes?

Here is the answer to all the queries!!!!

When anyone is in the process of decision making for any purchase the major questions one has to answer are

  • What
  • Why
  • When
  • Where
  • Which

We have tried to find out the answer to all your queries for the Parkour shoes. Below is a complete analysis of all the products with the review based on customer’s feedback and user analysis?

what is the requirement?

Good quality jogging shoes, which should be having following characteristics, they must be comprised of cushioning, elasticity, regulator, and firmness in the heel stand zone, along with agility and upright grip.

Sporty shoes are classified into types

Three major types of exercise shoes, Running, exercise, and walking. This comprises shoes for hiking, jogging, workout and walking.

The remaining questions are answered in the ultimate buyer’s guide section of this review.

A walking Shoe

Comfort is the priority in walking shoes, must be shock absorbent, smooth pace, and a sole type that supports the possible work of the foot all over the time.

Outdoor sports

Comprises shoes used for leisure actions such as hunting, fishing, and boating.

Court sports

Consist of shoes for tennis, basketball, and volleyball. Most court sports necessitate the body to move forward, backward and side-to-side.

Features of best parkour shoes

Wide toe box for people who are into hiking, or at a job that requires major walking around or if you get swelling on the feet when you walk and more such wide-ranging problem a wide toe box type shoe is recommended.

Here is the catch!!!! These shoes allow the toes to expand naturally; simulating the mode the foot is designed to walk. This original elegance of walking will recover your steadiness and equilibrium, so it will also diminish the probabilities of any harm.

Additionally, these shoes offer an extra treat of comfort and liberate the suffering due to foot inflammation and additional foot complications.

Rubber sole Parkour ensure soft rubber soles with little rubber nubs for power and gripping. Mostly high-end brands like NIKE and Addidas are also using rubber sole as it is more comfortable and provides good grip. The rubber sole is also absorbing more sweat when compared to leather sole. It’s easier to carry for the whole day.

Sizes there are all sorts of sizes available. A shoe size is a suggestion of the suitable size of a shoe for an individual. There shoe-size systems used internationally are diverse and numerous.

Let’s know it in depth now!!

KNOW OBSTACLE’s Gen 3 free running is best Parkour shoes and they are an excellent choice for individuals who want a wide toe box.

Best shoes with the insoles that are comprehensively padded they hold walkways and roadways nicely.  A customer said that “I like how I can feel the ground that I am walking on, especially on uneven grass and terrain.” Lastly, Parkour shoelaces are not unreasonably long and remain knotted throughout the free running and walking. As the extreme Parkour features are widely essential, the price someone has to pay for Parkour classes is very reasonable and affordable.

Why select a certain brand in best parkour shoes?

The basic notion in selecting any brand is durability so it lasts longer and the economic value that it provides. Basically, cost and benefit analysis of the available products in the market.

when to buy?

If there is any promotion going on and if that promotion is worth considering always look for available options and advertisement when you require making a purchase.

Which one is to be selected for having a choice of best parkour shoes?

A single brand offers different types and styles in the same category. Which one is to be selected?

Design Features

Different types of materials and design are recently available in sport’s shoes. Examine the shoe inside out before deciding which one to buy. This will aid in selecting a shoe that is suitable for both the foot and the sport.

Distinctive features in the structure give ease while wearing and also prevention from the damage.

Shoe Fit

As it is obvious that the shoe must fit perfectly in order to work its best Parkour Shoes otherwise they are of no use.  Foot complications can be overcome by selecting a shoe company that engages a pedorthist or qualified shoe fitting person.



  • It’s probably very important to select the running shoes on the basis of comfort.
  • What is comfort is generally misunderstood by many runners, especially beginners? The latest research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine approves the comfort screens as the most important device a runner should consider while selecting shoes.
  • Two fresh standards are recommended to expose the relationship amongst footwear and damage. These two standards are favorable movement path and the comfort filter.
  • It is recommended that a runner spontaneously chooses a comfortable product using their individual comfort filter that permits them to keep on in the desired movement trail.


  • Shoes with multiple soles stick together come off in lumps, therefore, it is always better to choose a sole that has a single layer it will be the best option in terms of effectiveness.
  • The layered soles also have the problem that certain separate slices of rubber will scratch off while some will halt on, revealing the padded area which might from side to side very rapidly go off and offer little grip. People don’t endorse such shoes generally.
Arches in best parkour shoes

The arch in a foot is the bent area found in the inner side of each foot. The depth and size of the arch differ. As both, the arches must be of the identical size and shape on each foot.
While selecting shoes it is important to check out arches properly, as they are the security apparatus for accomplishing the stoppage accurately.

Occasionally it happens that when we stop suddenly on the brink the feet slide frontward, the arch of the shoe can descent the heels and the verge of the touchdown inclines to padlock the feet arch.

There is an omission to the regulation and that is at the time of using a shoe having thin soles the flexibility and sensitivity that the shoe provides enables us to use the natural arch of the foot for welfare.

  • Always be careful to elude shoes with tough plastic in the arches, which may be a reason of slipping when hiking, if by chance you land on a metallic surface wearing these hard plastic arches it may be a reason of you slipping.

The material of the rubber sole is also very important to check. As it also affects the life and its capacity to grasp. If it’s made up of soft Softer materials are likely to give away more grips but garb down more rapidly. While the harder materials are long-lasting, the grip they offer is unproductive sometimes which may cause the fall.

Price and Durability

If you are born with a silver spoon. Then you have the capacity of spending on the best shoes in the world. You might be such a fortunate soul probably your priority will be comfort and style and not durability. For the general public durability and price are the two most important factors. A person prudently makes a choice of expenditure on a shoe.

A person involved in extensive working out will definitely use and discard shoes quickly. Therefore it’s impractical to go for a costly shoe which can work slightly longer than an inexpensive one.

From where should the purchase be made for best parkour shoes?

This question is the last one to answer after all the above research and selection of the product to buy. A decision to whether one should buy online or from a convenient store etc.

Four steps to assist in looking for perfect size in best parkour shoes
  • Every shoe store has different size measurement, try on a shoe to be confirmed on the fit.
  • Feet are largest when you conclude the work out check out the shoe at this time.
  • Wear the socks that you generally use while exercising.
  • Better to choose the size when your foot is of maximum length.
The salient feature of best parkour shoes
  • Light  Weight
    A much-desired feature is the weight of the shoe. If possible the shoe should not have weight otherwise it will give resistance while running.

The lesser the weight possible will keep you going throughout the day as it provides ease and comfort. Usually, an extra added weight will hamper the natural movement. And free working of the, so lesser the weight of shoe more will it help in training throughout the day.

  • Sole of best parkour shoes

Some very important features have to be considered while you are trying to find a suitable shoe regarding its sole:

  • Thick and thin soles of best parkour shoes
    Regardless of what certain people might have confidence in. The fact that a dense sole should not be used in Atlanta Parkour. The fact is thick sole is sometimes very helpful in stimulating depressed performance.

Thick soles don’t let you interact with the surroundings as they generally have a deficiency of warmth and precision. This absence of precision permits selected individuals to make an effort for certain moves they have not even prepared for.

The thin sole in the best parkour shoes gives clearly experience in landing impact. It is very essential in improving. As it empowers you to continue to correcting procedure as well as to escape damage.


A detailed analysis of the best Parkour shoes available above. It can help the user to make a decision based on the overall survey. I have tried to jot down all that is required to know about the best parkour shoes. This would make it easy for anyone who wants to know before making a purchase.

Apart from a few problems in the lasting for a long time. The shoes are generally comfortable and provide extra ease and relaxed running experience. They can be a good choice especially if you want to keep the foot hassle-free and relaxed.

If anyone wants to share or add up some information for improvement or any suggestions. Please fill out our contact form to reach us or write a comment below.

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