best gaming headphonesHow to find a pair of best gaming headphones? This post would reveal the best headsets out their and review to know the answer to the question. The sound playback of a thrilling game without bass and excited feel doesn’t get the real fun. Gaming is a cool activity for entertainment and hearing its playback music without the specific choice of headphones is weird. Hearing music playback on over-ear headphones is an awesome experience as compare to in-ear wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Earbuds are not coming today with old fashion as well, they got improved the sound quality. Today in the market it is not easy to find a pair of gaming headphones.

To find the answer “how we can choose the best headset for gaming activities” I was so curious about it. The idea came in my mind with a game named Tomb Raider the latest one released in 2016 with the title “Rise of the tomb raider” while I was playing it on PC. I played all the series of this game with a nice sound system. This gaming headphone buying guide would explore the best quality and performance over-ear headsets to cover them all.

But I played this one with the gaming headset for ps4 and It is hard to express in words. The amazement of sound blast and effects are wonderful, without practical experience you can not feel it. This was really incredible as it took me to the next level of gaming fun. It compelled me to test some other brands on the market for finding out the best gaming headset brand. I am reviewing the top 10 best gaming headphones of different brands for the sake of knowledge and experience sharing.


Here I am listing down the best gaming headphones with some information and guidance.

1. SADES Stereo Surround | One Choice Best Gaming Headphones

best gaming headphones

Here I am going to review the first one from the list of best gaming headphones. The world has changed in many ways. And one way that stands out the most is how many choices the middle-class has.

Since the majority of the earth’s population is middle class. Most of the products are aimed to target specifically that if they want to become successful quick and fast.

For the middle class, the one choice that stands out from the plethora of products is usually the one that offers amazing features and is also cost-effective. It is the most comfortable headphones set that would not bore you enough to compel you for removing it.

Today, we are going to review one such product that deserves the spotlight in the gaming community. Because frankly speaking it has got to be the most affordable gaming headset out here in this set of headphones. Yes, we are going to talk about the best budget gaming headset, SADES SA903!

When it comes to headphones!

Gamers worldwide look for build quality and sound quality at first sight, and to cater to their dire needs. The reason of inclusion of this pair in this gaming headphone buying guide is hidden in this one sentence.

SADES has brought to life SA903 that promises ear never getting sore from day-long wear and noise cancellation.

So on a point that the moment you put them on. You are transferred to the world of whatever game you are playing.

SA903 uses 3D 7.1 virtual, sound clamping technology. It provides you with a more stable audio output and that brings us to another wild discovery. The input method on this eye candy headset is USB!

This gaming headset comes with a smart in-line control system and a mic that is way better than anything in this price tag.

Oh, and did we mention it?

It is dirt cheap and probably the best gaming headset. Another good news is that you can easily find it in an online market with free shipping options.

SADES SA903 has changed the game with low price tag by providing features and quality that of a top-tier product. And has done all that one could expect from an affordable gaming headset. That also tries to be the best gaming headset and successfully achieves both of those said goals.

Simply, folks, this has to be the best gaming headset of 2019 at affordable price range with its amazing mic quality, its padded headband and soft ear cushions that guarantee no sore ears which are honestly the most happening thing and also the most troubling in the world of best headphone users!

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • Superb sound quality, the mic requires special mention because of how good and retractable it is!
  • Build quality has been given special focus with no compromise on the looks with a range of colors to choose from and breathing led lights on the ear cups.
  • Easy install, just plug and play but if you want to enjoy the 7.1 surround system, you can also install the driver and benefit from the many features planted here and there to make this headset the best headset in the market!

  • Minimal driver support i.e on mac, no driver to avail the 7.1 sound that is otherwise available on PC.
  • USB input damages its compatibility across multiple platforms
  • It is not readily compatible with consoles i.e XBOX 360/One or PS4

2. ONIKUMA Gaming HeadsetPC Gaming Headphone Crystal Clear Sound

best gaming headphones

Are you a gamer who is tired of using uncomfortable headphones? Headphones that you cannot use for long hours? Are you looking for top-notch headphones?

If the answer to all these questions is a “yes”, then look no further as you find a way to know more for experiencing more.

ONIKUMA gaming headset is one of the best gaming headphones of 2019. It is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and also with PC. These headphones are one of the best affordable gaming headsets available.

It is not all here!

Now this one is equipped with a noise-canceling microphone guaranteed to give you the best experience. ONIKUMA gaming heroset will enhance your gaming experience with its truly immerse sound quality and leave you awestruck. ONIKUMA game headset features 50mm diver, 16 Ohm impedance, 114dB +/- 3 dB at the 1KHz sensitivity and 20HZ-20KHz frequency range.

It is a beautiful headphone set manufactured delightfully with a very high comfort level. The ultra-soft PU earmuff and a stretchable headband are bound to give an experience that you will never forget, making comfort one of the top priorities.

The ONIKUMA game headset also includes a flexible mic giving a clear voice transmission and overall gives you a high-quality conversation. The snack scale cable is a high strength which undoubtedly comes as a bonus.

Features and Credibility

All of the features mentioned confirm the credibility of these headphones. Above all, the price for these gaming headphones is low despite the amazing features they provide making them affordable for everyone.

ONIKUMA gaming headphones are super cheap, but they do not compromise on quality. Most would assume that the cheaper the price, the cheaper the quality, though it is the exact opposite in this case. Their comfort level is extremely high.

Here is the catch!

They tend to fit perfectly over ears, cutting off more than 90% of the sounds of the surrounding. They feel extremely nice and comfy around the ears and don’t even let soreness come after long sessions of usage.

The audio quality is also excellent. Everything sounds crystal clear and most importantly, the bass is booming! The volume control is also very precise and easy to use. These headphones surely prove to be a gamer’s best friend!

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • Wide compatibility: PS4, Nintendo switch, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, MAC OS PC and smartphones
  • Noise cancelling microphone with advanced anti-static design
  • Premium sound quality with remarkable surround sound and noise reduction
  • Modified fitting with effortlessly adjustable microphone and headband, providing finest comfort during long hours of gaming
  • Stylish and classy look with a robust construction
  • Quality cord with all necessary attachments

  • May seem a little heavy
  • Does not come with Xbox one adapter
  • The cord has an extra USB plug that isn’t detachable which sometimes can be annoying
  • The headset works on PS4 but the LED’s aren’t able to be used because the USB is too short to plug in

3. VersionTech PC Gaming Headset | Professional Stereo Headphones

best gaming headphones

VersionTech G2000 is a headset for computer games with an Omnidirectional microphone, Led lights, and in-line volume control.

Some of the Specs in specific

The headset’s driver diameter is 50 mm and has an impedance of 320hm, wow massive beauty. Its frequency range is from 20Hz-20KHz with Mic dimension of 6.0 * 5.0mm, Mic sensitivity of -38dB +/- 3dB, and Mic Impedance of 2.2kohm.

LED Working Voltage is DC5V +/- 5% and its working current is below 100mA. In addition to this, the headset Interface is: USB (for led light ) + 2*3.5mm jacks ( for mic and sound), headphone size of around 21 * 11.5 * 21.5cm / 8.3 * 4.5 * 8.5in.

The headphone weight of 379g / 13.4oz. The cable’s length is around 2.2m / 7.22ft and the headset is available in Orange and Black colors.

Of course the features of these best gaming headphones

VersionTech PC Gaming headphones have super soft ear pads- the protein ear cushions- that prevent ears from aching with the breathable earmuffs preventing them from heating up even after using them for extensive times.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable headband- the size can be altered for different head sizes as well as ensuring a perfect fit every time.

The gaming headset also has an on-cable sound control ensuring easy volume adjustments because of the close situating of voice control and mute buttons. It also has splitter cable for PC making it the best gaming headset for pc.

The headphones also have a 120-degree rotating microphone which helps in clear pickup and delivery of voice without any interference of sounds from the games.

In addition to this, its noise-canceling microphone deduces background disturbances making it easier to communicate with the ones you’re talking to.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • Game quality: Because of such a high frequency response, the headset helps boost the game quality and is a blessing for game lovers.
  • LED lights: The LED lights not only beautify the headset but create energetic and lively effects on the users.
  • Comfortable to wear: The protein sponges are so soft that work together with adjustable headband and earpads to make wearing the headset comfortable and pleasant for the users due to which it can be considered one of the best in-ear headphones.
  • Flexible Microphone: rotating microphone ensures make communication clear and effective
  • It is an affordable gaming headset and can easily be ordered online.
  • It is also the best gaming headset in terms of noise cancelling because of the good quality of its microphone.

  • The headset is not compatible with PS4, PS3, XBOX 360, but only for laptop and computer. A 2-1 adopter will be needed to connect the headset to PS4 which will be an extra cost.
  • It is not a USB headset- the USB is just for the LED lights.

4. PS4 Gaming Headset With Breathing Fabric HeadbandDetachable Microphone 45° Rotatable Earcups

best gaming headphonesThis headset is a 3.5mm fabric headband made by Nubwo- an expert in hardware and accessories.

Some of the specs of these best gaming headphones

The NUBWO headphones weigh around 350 g, the cable is around 1.6m long and the size of a package being 7.7*4.3*8.86 inch (196x110x225mm).

The diameter of the driver is ø50mm with the sensitivity of 100±3dB, 32Ω Impedance. The frequency range of 20~20000 Hz and power of 50mW.

In addition to this, the Mic Dimension of the headset is ø4.0×1.5mm, Mic Sensitivity equal to 38±3dB, and Mic impedance of 2.2KΩ.

We can not forget the features of these gaming headphones

Dual 50mm driver of rotatable earcups help keep the sound quality very clear and sound with minimal disturbances. The flexible and detachable mic makes conveying of your voice very clear to the ones you are chatting to or in video games etc.

Furthermore, because of this, you can enjoy music without any interference and control volume levels easily through integrated in-line control.

Some additions

In addition to this, the soft leather ear cups make wearing this headset for even a long period of time very comfortable. Also, because of the adjustable nature of the headband, any head size can easily wear them and make them fit perfectly- a feature ideal for people wearing glasses.

The headset was designed to be very compact and light weighted thus ensuring it takes less space to fit and is easy to carry anywhere.

Furthermore, the NUBWO headset has a very high compatibility and can be used with not only Ps4 but Xbox One, Mac, PC, Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Mobile phones, Nintendo Switch etc.

To connect these best gaming headphones with the older version of the Xbox One Controller, just an extra Microsoft adapter is needed.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • Because of its compact design and light weight, it is very easy to carry the headset anywhere you want.
  • The high-definition plug-play microphone helped active noise-canceling leading to this headphone having best gaming headset noise canceling feature.
  • Anyone to avail the special discount offer of 32% that Amazon had put would’ve found the headset to be the best affordable gaming headset as well as the best cheap gaming headset.
  • Because of the high sound quality and noise canceling features, these headsets are the best gaming headsets for ps4 and Xbox that need clear voice conveyance with minimal voice disturbance from the noisy environment.
  • Also, the soft leather cover of the ear cups make it possible to wear these headsets for a long period of time without any pain making them the best in ear headphones for me.

  • Anyone with old version of Xbox One Controller cannot buy them unless they buy a Microsoft adapter- that is not included in the package itself- which would make using this headset expensive.

5. SADES SA810 Gaming Headset | Over-ear with Mic Volume Control

best gaming headphones

It’s a gaming headset for PC, XboxOne, and PS4 with many features, advantages, and easy to be ordered online at an affordable price.

SADES Gaming Headset Specs

The diameter of the loudhailer is 50mm with a frequency range of the headset being 20~20.000Hz.

Its Sensitivity is 115±3db at 1khz, impedance is 32 Ohm at 1khz, and max power is 20mW. Its Mic sensitivity is -32db±3db, mic frequency range is 50-10Khz, with a mic Impedance of ≤2.2Ω at 1khz.

The length of the headset’s cable is around 105m with the input plug’s being 305mm and the whole headset weighing around 365g.

The 40mm neodymium iron boron drive unit present in the headset ensures clarity in sound projections.

SADES Gaming Headset Features

Also, they are designed with over soft ear muffs to ensure the users be comfortable while wearing them.

The soft enfolding design wraps help keep background voices out helping the user focus on the audio completely with zero distractions.

Furthermore, it is not only suitable for the New Xbox one but for PS4, Ipads, PC, laptops, and even smartphones.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • It’s an affordable gaming headset
  • Sades is a well-known manufacturer of gaming headsets and R&D, making it one of the best gaming headset brands and ensuring good quality and reliability of the headsets.
  • It is also one of the best headsets because of its compatibility with not only Xbox but also pc, laptops, Ps4 etc.
  • It weighs quite less and is perfect for carrying anywhere you want.
  • The microphones are of such good qualities that they pick your voice with great sensitivity.
  • Also, the flexible nature of the mic makes it the best gaming headset mic.
  • Because of the enfolding design on the ear pads, the music is sealed in with no voice distractions entering from the outside making the headset has the best gaming headset noise canceling feature. This is thus very useful for noisy environments.
  • The headset also has an option to mute/unmute a conversation directly from the device.
  • The long cable ensures more freedom of movement.
  • The headset uses low impedance because of which it is easier to get higher volume with less power.
  • They also include a 3.5mm splitter cable which some headset brands don’t.
  • When covered under the manufacturer’s warranty it is possible to get a replacement in the case of a malfunction.

  • To connect to your old Xbox One, you need an extra Microsoft Adapter that will need to bought first making it time consuming and a tad bit expensive.
  • It doesn’t work on ps3 at all therefore someone with ps4 wouldn’t be able to buy it.

6. NUBWO PS4 Xbox One Gaming HeadphonesLightweight Stereo With Flexible Headband

best gaming headphones

It is a black gaming headset specifically designed for Ps4 and Xbox One by Nubwo- an expert in hardware and accessories.

Lightweight PS4 Xbox One Gaming Headphones Specs

The headset’s sensitivity is 100V±3dB with an impedance of 32Ω±15%, a frequency range of 20~20000Hz, and the diameter of the headset’s driver being 50mm.

Its power usage is 50mW. In addition to this, the mic’s dimension is Ø6.0×2.7mm, sensitivity is 38±3dB, and the impedance is 2.2K Ω.

NUBWO PS4 Xbox One Gaming Headphones Features

The 50mm driver helps keep voice delivery clear with no disturbances from the external and noisy environment, adding to the experience of playing a game.

Also, voice control is made easier by the volume button on the ear cups. The headset has an adjustable microphone and you can place the microphone near or far, wherever you want for a perfect voice delivery without any unwanted noise.

Not only is it a light weighted headset that can be easily carried anywhere, its ear cups are also designed to be soft and comfortable so that the users can wear them for longer time periods with less pressure on the ears.

Adjustability of these best gaming headphones

Also, they are adjustable headsets that can be fit on any head size- that too perfectly. The headset also has a very broad compatibility and can easily work with not only Ps4 but New Xbox One, PC, Laptop, Nintendo Switch, and mobile and tablet devices too.

In addition to this, the headset is not designed just for gaming but can be used for watching movies or listening to songs while you walk, jog, work out etc.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • Its price is very cheap and compared to all the features it offers, makes it not only the best affordable gaming headset but also the best cheap gaming headset.
  • Because of the 50mm driver, there are minimal distortions while playing games making it the best gaming headset for pc, ps4 as well as for Xbox One too.
  • It’s the best in-ear headphone because of the suspension styled design of the headband that makes it able to be used for a long time comfortably
  • The headset is manufactured by Nubwo that in itself is such an expert in hardware and one of the best gaming headset brands of the world that manufacture reliable accessories of amazing quality.
  • The headset has the best gaming headset mic because the mic switch is on the microphone making volume control easy to be adjusted.
  • No driver installation is required so the headset can be used as soon as it is unpacked.
  • It also has the best gaming headset noise canceling feature that helps make voice detection very easy while removing any unwanted noises.
  • Overall, this headset is the best gaming headset of 2019 in terms of price, quality, and the features it offers to its users.

  • This headset cannot be used for the old version Xbox One controller unless a Microsoft adapter is bought additionally.

7. NUBWO Gaming Headphones | Compatible With All Consoles and PC

best gaming headphones

Imagine playing a game with your friends. The losing side has to treat the winning side to a pizza.

You’re the last man standing for your team when suddenly the opponent sneaks up from behind and kills you. All because your headphones weren’t good enough for you to hear the minimal noise of approaching footsteps. Infuriating, isn’t it?

Well, I’ll bring the forth the best and most affordable solution, NUBWO Gaming headphones.

NUBWO Gaming headphones Specs

Compatible with all consoles and platforms, including the Play Station 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and even your tablets and cell phones, with an analog 3.5mm jack.

It is an all-around player which eliminates the need to buy different headphones for each platform. Sounds amazing, right? Well, wait till you hear the price. It smashes the ball out of the park as the best affordable gaming headphone of 2019.

NUBWO Gaming headphones Features

NUBWO has designed a state-of-the-art gaming headset, perfect for beginners and professional gamers alike.

It has an air of superiority around it, boasting a comfortable fit, surround sound and revolutionary noise-cancellation microphone. Hence, it rightfully earns its spot among the best gaming headphones.

The 3.5mm analog jack makes it compatible with almost every console and platform thus even owning one of these best gaming headphones can solve all of your needs in a single scoop.

NUBWO gaming headset is one of the best affordable gaming headsets and its added feature of being compatible with mobile phones gives its users an extremely detailed and melodious access to their favorite songs ensured by the headphones superior sound quality.

Packing a punch with its superior dual 50mm drivers and comfortable synthetic leather-wrapped ear cushion, it enables the user to play non-stop for hours without even feeling an ounce of discomfort.

The quality of these best gaming headphones!

The pads are high-quality air permeable protein, engineered especially according to human specifications. Its resonating bass offers the gamer with a life-like experience and every minor noise.

Moreover, its noise-canceling microphone is perfectly capable of reducing distortion and eliminates any un-warranted background noise thus enabling the user to communicate with their online friends in a hassle-free manner.

The special feature of auto confirmation of these best gaming headphones

Its headband is designed to automatically conform to the user’s position and coupled with memory foam ear-cups, it provides a convenient and comfortable marathon of gaming sessions.

In addition to this, the designers have added a rotary volume adjuster and tangle-free braided wire, which ensure durability and no audio quality loss.

Furthermore, its durability and flamboyant design ensure that it remains a top-notch contender for the best gaming headphone.

It provides the user with an optimized and all-around gaming headphone for every purpose, whether it’s listening to songs, watching movies or playing your favorite game on a lad’s night out.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • Aesthetically appealing design with a rugged and sporty look and high durability
  • Wide compatibility
  • Personalized fitting with maximal comfort

  • The windsock tends to slip off easily making a scuffling sound.
  • Padding gets hot if used continuously.

8. PECHAM Gaming HeadsetNoise Reduction Surround Sound

best gaming headphones

Do you want a gaming headphone which is affordable and durable? And do you want to enjoy your experience to the fullest and take your hobby to the next level?

Then look no further than the incredible, amazing and the best gaming headphones, Pecham Gaming Headset.

Pecham Gaming Headset is one of the best gaming headphones out there in the market at the moment. It is valued at extremely low and affordable rate of $19.99, which, in my opinion, is an absolute steal.

Here is the best part of these best gaming headphones

Equipped with a microphone and a 3.5mm jack, it is intended to be compatible with almost all platforms and consoles, including, but not limited to, the Play Station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and a PC.

The Pecham Gaming Headset is designed and manufactured with a superior touch, making it an ideal headset for beginners, as well as professional gamers.

Boasting a comfortable fit, surround sound and noise reduction technology, it can be perceived as the best gaming headphones of 2019, head and shoulders above its competitors.

Its 3.5mm analog jack makes it compatible with almost every console and platform thus even owning one of these best gaming headphones can solve all of your needs in a single scoop. We also did research on the customer reviews on Amazon, users are o the view that this headphone is worth taking the risk of online shopping as it would never fail to impress and astonish the user.

You can also use these best gaming headphones for cellphones

Packing a punch with its superior and comfortable synthetic leather-wrapped ear cushion, it enables the user to play non-stop for hours without even feeling an ounce of discomfort.

In addition to this, the headband is adjustable, thus allowing the user to tweak their position every now and then for maximal comfort.

A perfect Noise blocking out feature of these best gaming headphones

By perfectly blocking out noises, and adding surround sound, these headphones will allow you to clearly hear the slightest sound, making the most of your game, enabling the user to feel the full thrill and excitement of the game first-hand.

An Equipped Microphone

Moreover, the microphone is equipped with magical anti-voice distortion technology, which will surely add to the whole experience of enjoying the game as life-like.  The microphone has also been made adjustable to up to 120’, making it extremely convenient for the gamer to communicate with their friends in their desired position.

Furthermore, the Pecham Gaming headset boasts of a robust design, an extremely strong headband, and sound controls, providing the user with an optimized and all-around gaming headphone for a professional experience.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • Wide compatibility: PS4 slim/pro, Nintendo switch, Xbox One S/X, Smartphone and tablets
  • Superior and intelligent audio input and output, with surround sound and noise reduction.
  • Personalized fitting with an easily adjustable microphone and headband, providing optimal comfort during long hours of gaming.
  • Classy and sporty look coupled with a sturdy and strong unit.

  • The wire is relatively short and needs an extension if the user is sitting at a distance of more than 1.5 meters
  • Tend to heat-up if used extensively

9. Greatever Stereo Gaming Headset | Professional Best Gaming Headphones

best gaming headphones

So, the latest Need for Speed game just dropped and is the hottest trending game of the year. With the extremely detailed sound engine, everyone is going crazy over how unique each car sounds, just like in real life.

But you are not able to hear the sweet sound of the V8 engine or the booming sound of the V10, just because your headset isn’t good enough. Embarrassing, right?

Well, Greatever puts an end to your misery by introducing their latest model of the Greatever Stereo Gaming headset, arguably the best gaming headphones of 2019.

Its amazing compatibility range

Compatible with a wide range of platforms including, but not limited to, Xbox, Play Station, Mac, PC, smartphones, laptops, iPads, and boasting a professional bass over-ear feature and a built-in microphone, and available in three distinct colours (red, blue and pink), it is an ideal gaming headphone. Moreover, it can safely be termed as the best affordable headphones of this year.

Superior Gaming Experience

Designed exclusively for a superior gaming experience, for both professional and beginner gamers, Greatever is head and shoulders above its rivals.

Boosting splendid noise isolation technology, extremely high sound quality, and a shock feeling sound intensity, it easily takes the ball home.

Its 3.55mm jack enables it to be compatible with almost all platforms, making it useful during movie and TV show marathons as well.

Furthermore, the package is completed by an adjustable high-quality microphone. It cuts out all background noises thus enabling the users to completely immerse themselves in the game, thus solving all of the needs of users in a single scoop.

Greatever Stereo headphones are extremely durable and lightweight. Thus making them comfortable for extensive gaming for a long duration of time.

Packing a punch with its high precision 40mm neodymium speakers. It brings forth a vivid sound field. Ensures that the user hears every minute detail, from the sound of car engines to the crunch of leaves.

Using the experience of these best gaming headphones

In addition to this, the headset weighs around 0.55lbs. One of the lightest in the market, thus leaving no stones unturned in its pursuit of becoming the best.

The ear pads are made up of superior quality leather material thus providing optimal comfort to the user.

The steelhead beam accords with the users’ head-position. It is engineered specifically for maximum comfort during long hours of gaming and for durability.

Furthermore, Greatever has incorporated a premium microphone which is adjustable and can be free positioned in order to get the maximum amount of input as possible.

Hear the whispers

Even faint whispers to teammates will be picked up by this cut-edge microphone. In addition to this, the volume control and microphone mute features allow the user to play the game. Really smoothly and to change the volume in-game at a single stroke of a finger.

Greatever gaming headset is also providing a 3.5mm Headphone Splitter Adapter, user manual, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

Replacement or money back if anything happens to these best gaming headphones during the period of warranty. Which makes the Greatever Stereo gaming headset a must-buy product.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • Wide compatibility
  • Extremely lightweight and durable.
  • An array of additional features and warranty included

  • Extension wire may have to be purchased
  • May overheat the speakers if used for very long duration without break.

10. Haizhixuan Gaming HeadsetWired Noise Isolation Stereo Gamer Headphones

best gaming headphones

A gaming console or a gaming PC, worth hundreds of dollars, is always in need of the perfect equipment for gaming. Is it fair to use average quality earphones with consoles and games which are extremely close to your heart?

Why compromise on one of the most crucial hardware related to gaming? But what if one doesn’t have any budget remaining after buying their favorite game?

Compatibility range of these best gaming headphones

Well, Haizhixuan brings forth the perfect solution. Valued and compatible with all sorts of consoles and platforms. The platforms such as the Play Station, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, Laptops, Mac, smartphones, iPads, tablets etc. Haizhixuan has cemented its place as the best and most affordable gaming headphone of 2019.

This affordable price, wide compatibility, and the promise of a refund and return attracts a lot of customers. And makes this headphone one of the best available headphones on the market.

What makes these best gaming headphones Unique?

What makes this particular headset unique, apart from its price. The number of features and specifications it provides in the bare minimum rates.

It boasts of surrounding studio subwoofer with a high bass and treble ratio. It immerses the gamer in a life-like situation while gaming.

adding up some more to this, Haizhixuan equips its headsets with a state-of-the-art noise cancellation microphone which greatly reduces background noises.

This makes the Haizhixuan headphones a step above its rivals and competitors. And this is the reason it is on the list of best gaming headphones.

It is astonishing that Haizhixuan manages to incorporate so many features at such a minimal price.

Furthermore, its 3.5mm jack gives it the ability to be compatible with a wide array of consoles and devices. Another feature which is lacking in headphones of the same price.

Yes the extremely lightweight best gaming headphones

It is also extremely lightweight, with a little over 250grams making it extremely useful and comfortable for long duration usage.  These features make Haizhixuan headset an all-in-one solution to your needs.

Just like bread and butter or a train engine and its carriages. An exhilarating gameplay isn’t complete without an equally amazing sound system.

The SL300 packs a punch with its professional modulation of the speaker. It provides extremely accurate and scene-fulfilling acoustic effects with engages the gamer very deeply in the game.

Its large and comfortable ear muffs provide an insulation effect which keeps out any unwanted noises. The SL300 keeps the comfort and durability in extremely high regards.

The adjustable steel headband Features

Due to this, Greatever has designed an adjustable steel headband which can move freely in accordance with the user.

Similarly, the one-piece soft microphone is designed to bend and adjust freely without any hassle.

This feature is particularly useful when the user is tired and wants to stretch their legs while playing games.

The design of the headset is also very classy. With a classic sporty look coupled with plastic CD pattern surface treatment with intense texture effect.

This makes the Haizhixuan SL300 gaming headset extremely aesthetically appealing, especially to young gamers.

This unique design is a major factor in the SL300’s claim to be the best gaming headphone in the world.

To conclude, Haizhixuan SL300 gaming headset. It is a must-have for someone who wants an extremely economical headset with all major features included.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons noticed during the tests

  • Wide compatibility
  • Warranty and extra items included
  • Light weight and durable

  • To remove compatibility issues adapter is required.

Best Gaming Headphones Buyers Guide

Now it is easy to find best gaming headphones in the market. Before making a choice you should keep some tips in mind.

While choosing the best gaming headphones you should aware of some of the features I am mentioning here. You should keep in mind these; noise cancellation, lightweight, sound effects you want and the range of compatibility with other devices.

These tips would definitely help out in selecting the best headphones.

If anyone of you wants to suggest improvements and want to add up some information. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form or leave a comment below.

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