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About bgessentials.com

The idea of “bgessentials’ came to my mind in a discussion about the Buyer Guides with my friends. During the discussion I realized that there must be a lot of people who want to figure out the stuff they purchase online and use in daily life. The domain name consists of three main word B & G which means Buyer Guides and Essentials which is clear to all of you fellas. So the idea started from a discussion and became a project.

If you are curious about which product is the best choice for you I assure and believe you will find this site useful.

Many people just go whatever product is recommended by their family members, friends, teachers, or a spouse. Not too many have time and pleasure to dig out the facts about products and do their own research and read hundreds of reviews. It is a fact that researching for a product online kills a long time.

Anyways, we chose your choice as per your needs and budget you would be able to afford. We care for you all and we try to fix what should be the best fit in your life for using stuff and products. So we provide you authentic and essential information about products you purchase and use.

BG Essentials

The idea for Buyer Guides Essentials is to provide authentic and factual information about different technology products out there in the form of Top 5, 7 and 10 list.

This is my interest for the site to be the last destination for people making up their mind about selecting the best products that fits their needs.

Please have a look and do not forget to give us suggestion for improvement, we value your comments.